Publishing Division

Rouse Ministries Publishing Division was established in
Rouse Ministries 10th Anniversary year (2012).

Publishing, printing and distribution of

Christian fiction and non-fiction adult books and other written materials.

Released and published material will be updated regularly for purchase on the site.

Novels Currently Available:  

1) A Father's Love: Positioned For Prayer by J. Wright Rouse

 "Making a difference through words..."

Publishing Sub-Division

The publishing sub-division,

Daniel In The Lion's Den-Children's Book Series

 "Taking a moment to 'paws'
while we make an 'imprint' in your heart and in your lives..."

is for the publishing, printing and distribution of

 teen/tween and children's christian and non-christian books and other written materials.

Children's Books Currently Available:  

1) When The Baby Arrives by J. Wright Rouse, illustrations by Nathalie Montcalm
2) If I'm Important You Are Too by J. Wright Rouse
3) Have You Ever Slept With Your Night Light On? by J. Wright Rouse (Toddler Book)
4) Sharing In Numbers by J. Wright Rouse, illustrations by Nathalie Montcalm (Toddler Book)

 Feel free to contact the Publishing Division via email at:

rouseministriespublishing@gmail.comBooks range from $5.00 to $15.00 and additional $1 to $1.50 added for autographed copies.

Shipping and handling rates vary from book to book and are included in the prices set out below.

We also accept certified cheques and money order purchases by mail at:
Rouse Ministries
2369 Kingston Road
Suite 28052
Toronto, Ontario  Canada
M1N 1V1

Credit card purchase are purchased below: