Author, Playwright, Public Speaker & Minister

​J. Wright Grosvenor (formerly J. WrightRouse), is an international evangelistic outreach minister.  

This award winning author and playwright is the founder of Grosvenor Ministries

(formerly Rouse Ministries), which was established in 2002.

The Ministries' Publishing Divisions have produced both fiction and non-fiction books such as "A Father's Love: Positioned For Prayer", "Who Prays For The Preacher", "Solace In The Storm", "Are You There God? Remember Me Christian books such as "When The Baby Arrives" (based on the J. Wright Rouse written and performed play of the same name), "Prayers For The Puppy", "ABC From Heaven", "Yes Jesus Loves Me", "Passing The Test" as well as non-Christian children]s books "If I'm Important You Are Too" a well known anti-bullying book, "Sharing In Numbers", "Have You Ever Slept With Your Night Light On?" and other works to come. 

The children's publishing ministry varies from toddler, children and the teen/tween books under the sub-publishing name of The Keen Tween/Teen Book Series.

Aside from the various media interviews, book reviews, book signings at stores as wide in variety from local community stores to Chapters/Indigo Books in Canada and abroad, and tv and radio appearances around the world in various countries and outlets, J. Wright Grosvenor, also known as Pastor J. Grosvenor, is also the Show Host/Broadcaster & Producer of the international syndicated radio show The Pastor J. Grosvenor Show and "Wright On Point Hot Topics" in co-ordination with the WebTV and Live on Location versions of The Pastor J. Grosvenor Show through the Ministry's production division Grosvenor Ministries Broadcasting & Communications (formerly Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications).

Novels Currently Available:  

1) A Father's Love: Positioned For Prayer by J. Wright Rouse

 "Making a difference through words..."

Publishing Sub-Division

Daniel In The Lion's Den-Children's Book Series

 "Taking a moment to 'paws'
while we make an 'imprint' in your heart and in your lives..."

is for the publishing, printing and distribution of
 teen/tween and children's christian and non-christian books and other written materials.

Children's Books Currently Available:  

1) When The Baby Arrives by J. Wright Rouse, illustrations by Nathalie Montcalm
2) If I'm Important You Are Too by J. Wright Rouse
3) Have You Ever Slept With Your Night Light On? by J. Wright Rouse (Toddler Book)
4) Sharing In Numbers by J. Wright Rouse, illustrations by Nathalie Montcalm (Toddler Book)

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